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Article: Groundbreaking Workshop with Paul McCarthy

Groundbreaking Workshop with Paul McCarthy

Groundbreaking Workshop with Paul McCarthy

Interacting with the Spiritual and Energetic Worlds Around Us 

August 23rd–24th 2024, Bakkeland, Norway

Friday 23rd Evening Event 18.00 - 19.30:

Live Readings and Guidance by Paul McCarthy

Do you want to:

  • Create a New Lifestyle
  • Find Your Calling
  • Obtain Your Heart’s Desire
  • Create a New Business
  • Discover Your True Talents
  • Increase Your Confidence

Friday evening:
Explore these themes with your guides, spirit, Paul’s higher self, and empathicabilities. Paul will give short personal readings to select participants.

Flowers in the garden


Saturday 24th 10.00 - 17.00:
Learn to interact with energetic realities


🌿 Energy Management and Protection when we are around people

👼 How to notice the presence of guides and angels

💼 Interacting with clients

🌟 Interacting with Your Etheric Body

💖 Interacting with your Emotional Body

🧚 Interaction with Energies and Beings in Nature (Garden)


  • Tasty lunch on Saturday
  • Entry to our secretive garden at Bakkeland
  • Visit to our concept store with transformative bioenergetic perfumes and oil
  • Paul McCarthy is an international workshop leader and channel for Ascended Masters, Elemental,
  • Star, and Celestial Beings.
People in the alchemist garden at the paul maccarthy workshop


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