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Article: Create your own rituals

Create your own rituals

Create your own rituals

Create your own rituals for using The Alchemist Setor be inspired by our 10 ceremonial ideas to support your journey of self-discovery.


10 ceremonial ideas to support your journey

  1. A sacred space 
    Create a sacred space to place The Alchemist Set. When not in use, the perfumes should be kept within the box.

  2. Set an intention
    Before using The Alchemist Set for the first time, make a conscious intent to embark on your journey of self-discovery, and invite in the energies to support you for the highest good.  

  3. Use your intuition
    Take a moment to ground yourself and connect inwards. Let your intuition guide you to the perfume or perfumes that speak to you.

  4. Be mindful
    Spray the perfume/perfumes either on the wrists, or any other place on the body you feel drawn to. Be mindful of any sensations, feelings or memories that might come up during the day.

  5. The perfect blend
    The seven perfumes build on each other like tones within an octave. Therefore, they can easily be mixed in any combination to find the perfect blend for support.

  6. Time of day
    You might find that during the day as your energy and mood changes, you resonate with a different perfume.

  7. The Bottle
    If you are sensitive to scent and find yourself reacting to one or several of the perfumes, you can connect with the bottle itself without spraying it on the skin. Over time as your inner realities are rearranged, you might discover that your reaction towards it changes.

  8. The Cards
    The cards are attuned and are equally powerful as the perfumes. They allow you to work with the energies on a different level, without being triggered by scent.

  9. Be patient
    Like in any type of relationship, the more time and energy you dedicate the stronger the bond and relationship grows. Trust the connection.

  10. Listen to your heart
    Most importantly, be open, courageous, playful and listen to your heart. Journeying inwards brings the greatest rewards, and over time – unlock your potential.


Blessings on your journey,



Tag @essenceofbothania and share your rituals with us.



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