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Article: Calling all lightworkers, healers, and mystics✨

Calling all lightworkers, healers, and mystics✨

Calling all lightworkers, healers, and mystics✨

Join us for an extraordinary and interactive workshop with the renowned channeler, Paul McCarthy. This unique event will explore advanced techniques for harnessing your energies, power, and spiritual abilities. If you have an interest in leylines, Dragons, and the star beings of Sirius and Arcturus, this workshop is designed for you. 

Workshop Highlights: 


Paul will channel gifts from the guides, offering a short message and unique gifts for each participant. 

Workshop Room Content: 

✨ Gift from the High Priestess / Sirius: 

  • Spiritual Love
  • Grounding and holding energies
  • Intuition 

Gift from the Emperor / Arcturus: 

  • Integration of energies and experiences 
  • Grids and connections 
  • Living Garden Energy Experiences: 
  • Installing a new portal: Dragon Portal 
  • Exploring existing portals: Mermaid Portal, Unicorn Portal 

Date and Time: 

Friday, 9th | 17:00 - 19:00
Saturday, 10th | 10:00 - 17:00 


Join us for an excursion to discover petroglyphs and energy places at Hafrsfjord. Paul will demonstrate how to locate and explore new leylines and energy places. Transportation will be organized for those traveling from abroad. 

The workshop includes: 

Tasty lunch on Saturday, 10th 

Entry to experience our secretive and magical garden at Bakkeland, founded on alchemical principles About Paul McCarthy: 

Paul is an international workshop leader, channeling Ascended Masters, Elementals, Star, and Celestial Beings. With 17 years of experience and 300 workshops worldwide, he has trained thousands of spiritual seekers. 


Silje Engelstrand Natland, founder of House of Bothania, an artist, designer, and modern-day alchemist. Silje specializes in craniosacral therapy, hypnotherapy, energy work, and resonance medicine. 

Come and join us for a transformative experience! 

RSVP by 08.02.2024 
Silje Engelstrand Natland 

We look forward to sharing this enlightening journey with you.


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