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The Alchemist Set

Sale price3.300,00 NOK

The Alchemist Set is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal transformation. Each perfume is a portal that works as a bridge between this realm and others. They act as a living doorway of opportunity for initiation and elevation of the soul. The perfumes are attuned to activate your highest potential and for self-initiating your spiritual awakening. 

The cards are also attuned and are equally powerful as the perfumes. They allow you to work with the energies on a different level, without being triggered by scent.

Crafted in Norway with carefully selected ingredients. Vegan and cruelty free.

The Set includes

  • 7x10 ml Bioenergetic Perfumes
  • Attuned 7-card deck to guide you 


    Cruelty Free

    The Alchemist Set
    The Alchemist Set Sale price3.300,00 NOK


    «When one puts the Universe in a bottle with the right intention and in all its transparency, the potential of deep healing and powerful manifestations become available.»


    "The scents are magical – I only use these perfumes now"

    "Like Light itself, when treated with respect, this will rock your chakras"