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Our philosophy

Bothania creates and curates unique lifestyle products and experiences that give deeper meaning to the moments in our everyday lives. By activating your senses, we give you the tools you need to unlock your potential, harness the power of your inner-self and empower your journey of self-discovery.

Bothania is birthed on the principles of transformation and self-discovery. Drawing upon universal truths these alchemical fragrances encourage you to turn your attention inward, to trust your senses, and to become in tune with yourself and your surroundings.  They seek to enlighten, reveal and enhance who you truly are. 

As part of our journey, we focus on making mindfulness and well-being more accessible, and developing and producing products that are both ethical and leave as little footprint as possible.


our products and production

Product line

Our product line, Essence of Bothania, captures and embodies these ideas through lifestyle products that serve a higher purpose. From seekers, to artists and changemakers, Bothania is for anyone on a journey of self-discovery and exploration looking to unlock their full potential.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

All of our products are vegan and cruelty free, and our production process focuses on sourcing materials and providers with the smallest possible environmental impact.

Developed and produced in Norway

Our Bioenergetic perfumes and all other cosmetic products are designed and developed in Stavanger, Norway together with our partner and sister-company, Kosmetikk Laboratoriet.

what does it mean?


Bioenergetic means “the study of flow and transformation of energy in living organisms.” 

Our bodies, in fact all matter, is surrounded by its own unique field of energy, some call it the electromagnetic field and others refer to it as the aura. The human body is a mass of sound and light waves constantly changing, transforming and vibrating at a different frequency. 

Light frequencies can be experienced as colour, sound harmonics, waves or geometric symbols. They are known esoterically as the “cosmic energetic language” that communicates in colour, tone and archetypal symbols. 

Our bioenergetic perfumes holds 5D Light Frequencies that are “access codes” to the unconscious. They trigger certain information within us and they send information directly into our being. They are a way of receiving information to facilitate our development. They are a tool used to raise our state of consciousness to a new frequency.

The Alchemist Set is a pathway to the realization that your body is light, the world you live in is light, and that both are directly connected to your consciousness.