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Article: Gerda Duin

Gerda Duin

Gerda Duin

At House of Bothania we love to share, connect and collaborate. As part of this we are committed to bringing a new community of experts, specialists and guides to you to journey through experiences and learnings.

Silje and Gerda

Silje, our founder, has been on a long and winding journey and describes herself as an ‘explorer of consciousness’. As part of this exploration Silje has met and forged some powerful relationships, relationships that now extend as partnerships within the House of Bothania. As 2024 unfolds, we will introduce you to some of these special people….kickstarting with Gerda Duin. Here we share Silje’s introduction to Gerda and their connection and Silje asks Gerda a few questions just to spark your curiosity. Watch this space for further information on upcoming collaborations and events and our exciting launch into the Netherlands this Spring.

Gerda at Elaisa and her cards

Gerda in session

Silje ‘In April 2023 I met Gerda during a retreat in Montserrat. The connection was instant and special. A profound synergy was that we were both working on a large project, in which self-development is central in combination with keys as a metaphor. In the months that followed, we had a lot of contact and visited each other and started working with The Alchemist Set together. Gerda embraced these personally and also during the Rebirth sessions in Elaisa Energetic Wellness and during the retreats in 2023. Gerda immediately noticed that the perfumes and oils have a deep effect on people and felt it was a logical step to make the energetic perfumes part of her Keykeeper's mystical training towards mastery. In 2024 we will deepen our connection and collaboration as our vision truly supports and enhances each other’s work’

Three questions to Gerda

Gerda, as we are at the very beginning of a new year, can you share with me any key intentions or the vision you have for your self-discovery this year?

Certainly, in 2024 I think it is important to delve even more into the theme of mastery. I am now following a roadmap to a mastery program myself. This theme is absolutely not new to me and I am already practicing it well. In 2024 I will apply this even more in different areas of life. This year I also want to deepen my knowledge and open myself up to new strategies in my company. My intention with this is to create more free time for myself and reduce operating costs. Opening up to new strategies is also part of personal development. I would also like to become a member of a pop choir. On the one hand, of course, because I really enjoy singing and I can learn to use my voice even better. On the other hand, I want to experience what it is like to commit to this every week. Because I organize retreats, I travel quite a lot. All in all, I think my main intention this year is to put myself first and stay true to myself.

You have just launched on the key keeper 12-month program, how are you feeling? Can you identify any key learnings or messages from this process so far?

I feel very grateful that I started Key Keeper's mystical training towards mastery, also with a large group of women, very impressive. Since I received the very first download about The Keykeeper (In 2021) it felt very special. The Key Keeper contains the ideas of 44 archetypes and over the past two years I have been able to encounter all the archetypes within myself. You can understand that this is sometimes very confrontational and sometimes also incredibly beautiful and everything in between. Now that we have started the training for a week, the most important learning point I can take away from it is the following: 'When something is really right and meant to be, then everyone will feel that too and be attracted to it. I feel from everything that I really intended to develop this training. Being and remaining true to what I know and feel internally is therefore crucial and that is an important lesson that I also see reflected in the enthusiasm and amazement of the participants.

You have been working with the newly launched oils for some time now, can you share a small ritual that you have been doing with them?

From the very first moment I have been completely in love with the perfumes and certainly also with the oils. I apply a ritual every day and one of them is the following. Before I go to sleep I really feel what happened that day and what I need and what I long for. Then I choose an oil (sometimes 2) and always apply a little to my third eye. Somehow that feels really good. I also apply a little oil to my body at the level of a chakra. In recent weeks I have had nagging back pain (I suspect that this also has to do with my desire for a new foundation) and I spray some Sol Nigredo perfume on my lower back in the morning and before going to sleep I apply some Sol Nigredo oil on my lower back. That feels very good, this way I look at my back pain in different ways. I also think the scents are fantastic, my bedroom smells wonderful.

Gerda with the Alchemist Set

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