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Article: Paul McCarthy workshop 9-10th Feb 2024 review

Paul McCarthy workshop 9-10th Feb 2024 review

Paul McCarthy workshop 9-10th Feb 2024 review

Our group share their journey and experience


On the 9th & 10th of February we held our 6th workshop with Paul McCarthy
This immersive group workshop saw us begin on the Friday by exploring Hafrsfjord to feel in and unlock the unique and powerful energy. This is what provided the energetic theme and framework for the Saturday workshop at Bakkeland our HQ in Norway. Almost two weeks on we checked in with some of the group so they could share their journey….

Hafrsfjord by winter


"House of Bothania’s serene vibe guided us into the Dragon Realms in February 2024.. an amazing experience together on top of the Life Tree with the insights, knowledge and inspiration of Paul.
I met beautiful open minded people and as a group we connected in Norwegian Mystical Nature. As a collective guided by Paul we practiced energy work and learned to feel and recognize leylines.
I will be back, Takk!"

– Kitty –

"I have now attended several workshops with Paul at Bothania. Each workshop is special and unique in its own way. Together we explore different spiritual subjects and with Pauls expertise he guides us steady through them.

Paul is a wonderful teacher. His way of teaching is relaxed and down to earth, making it fun and approchable for everyone.

Personally I am experiencing an acceleration in my spiritual growth attending the workshops. I am becoming even more sensitive to subtle energies and also I am gaining more confidence in myself and my abilities.

An added positive factor is to be part of the beautiful community at Bothania. You get to meet likeminded people from different parts of the world, all joined together to explore, grow and support each other."

– Lene –

"Paul has a natural ability to sense the subtle and good energies in nature. It was exciting to join the hike by Hafrsfjord and feel for myself the difference in the energies he described. Back at Bakkeland, we integrated the power from Hafrsfjord with the unique power in the garden."

– Tonje –

"Such a soft experience! Honestly, I wasn’t clear on what to expect, but this workshop ended up being so transformative for me. Learning about energies and seeing them in action made me realize I was missing out on the essence of life – connecting with my soul on a deeper level. Now, I'm tuning into my intuition and embracing that feminine energy. A big thanks to Silje for putting this together and to Paul for introducing us to these energies"

– Aslı –

"After visiting many new age centres all across the world with my workshops, I have never found such a wonderful venue as the House of Bothania. This purpose built venue and its magical garden are totally unique, full of beauty and new age wonders. The founder Silje shares her spiritual creations and visions for all of us to enjoy. There are now 8 wonders of the world!"

– Paul McCarthy –

Silje, our founder, from the workshop

Save the Date…our next Paul McCarthy workshop will be 3rd & 4th May. More details to follow

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